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I can't help it, I'm addicted to Latteaddict.  I love a good story interspersed with a ton of L/K angst and passion, and she writes it so crazily well, time after time. It's amazing how prolific she is, but every story is unique and fresh and a great read from start to finish. Short of recommending every fic she's ever written, here are three that hit the top of the awesome-o-meter.


Guilty Hearts (or click here for lj)

Author: latteaddict

Author's Summary: This story is about the repercussions of a one night stand between Lee and Kara. Guilt and desire consume them as they meet again years later, though this time Zak is in the picture.

Why I like this fic: I'm a sucker for pre-mini fics where there is more to the L/K backstory than meets the eye...especially if it includes a pre-Zak fling. Latte sets up a very plausible scenario with a great hot!pre-pilot one-night stand followed by the requisite amount of UST and tons of angst. The story gives us an interesting insight into the days leading up to Zak's death, and is a fabulous short read.


Very Close to Far Away (or click here for lj)

Author: latteaddict

Author's Summary: The past can be a curse or a blessing; it just depends on how you look at it.


Why I like this fic: Sigh. Secret married pilot!fic with a twist, what's not to like? The premise is unique and latte gets extra bonus points for well-meaning interference by A/R and for rubbing Dee and Sam's noses in evolving pilot love!


Nothing is Perfect (or click here for lj)

Author: latteaddict

Author's Summary: Kara wished he would lie, but then he wouldn’t be Lee.

Why I like this fic: On the other end of the spectrum from Guilty Hearts, this is a post-Earth arrival fic that chronicles the (mis)adventures of our favorite pilots as they come to terms with life after Galactica. As you might suspect, it's not all Bright Shiny Futures, since Kara and Lee take turns disappearing on each other and breaking each other's hearts...what else is new with our dynamic duo? But for those who wait, the story does have all kinds of hot, and who knows...maybe our pilots get their happy ending after all?!

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