January 30th, 2009

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping
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Summary:  Lee wagers a favor in Triad when he runs out of cubits, and Kara collects in a very interesting way.  

Why I like this fic: OMG.  Kara may be a pervert, but this fic made me realize that I am too.  It started my obsession with finding fics where Lee is, um, "pleasuring himself", with or without an audience (preferably with).  It's hotter than dirt but Lee and Kara are perfectly in character throughout.  Widget writes smut unbelievably well, and I'm a sucker for Lee's POV in NC-17 scenes.  When he licks his palm...squeee!  This one delivers on all counts.  

The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Author: Creative Jedi

Author's Summary:  Kara sustains severe burns on her hands after a Raptor crash, placing her in complete dependence on the one person in front of whom she's always tried to be strong.

Why I like this fic: This is an 11-chapter fic that fills in the missing story line of Kara's rehabilitation from the Raptor crash on the algae planet in "Rapture".  It's a great character study of Kara, who struggles to maintain her Starbuck persona while she is totally helpless and dependent on Lee for the most basic of needs.  She can't stand being out of control or accepting help but she has no choice, which leads to some interesting internal struggles.  Even with this deep story line, there's humor and most importantly, pilot!sex!  An added bonus is a scene with Lee getting himself off in the bunk with Kara, a favored theme (see above).  But you have to wait until Chapter 10 for it..


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