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OK, so it's taken me months to get out of my post-finale funk, what else is new? All I can say is thanks to all the great writers out there who have stepped up to the plate to fix the damage that RDM and friends inflicted upon us.  I've immersed myself in what I've been calling "anti-finale fics" and it really has helped.  Along with re-reading a bunch of pilot banter fics, but that's another post.  

Here are two lovely finale fics - an original and a remix - that made me cry but gave me the resolution I so badly craved.  And they're beautifully written.  Go read them.

Song of the Open Road by elly427
This is one of the most moving and powerful fics I've ever read and it literally made my heart hurt.  It picks up immediately after the finale and follows canon, so don't expect any happy endings here.  I am all about Lee and his POV and this is a carefully crafted, intimate look at his life on NewEarth.  Add in one of my favorite poems by Walt Whitman (and a nod to my not-so-secret Lee wanking kink, how she made THAT poignant is truly an art form) and it is one post-finale fic you simply must read.

The Reality and Immortality of Things by wisteria_
Wisteria_ takes the basic premise of Song of the Open Road and masterfully remixes it to be AU after Papadama's raptor takes off - and gives us Kara to keep Lee company this time. It's a quiet and compelling look at their lives on NewEarth, exploring the new terrain and their new relationship. It's written from Kara's POV and has lovely insight into her head - I love her realizations about Lee and herself in chapter 2. But ahhhhh...the ending.  Pure heartbreak.  You've been warned.

There are two other fabulous post-finale fics that are WIPs but almost...almost...finished (you know who you are, ladies) so I'll pimp those just as soon as they're done.
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