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By Apollo’s Lady
Summary:  Bill Adama never married Lee's mother, so Lee has a different last name (Berner) and neither of them knows the other one knows Lee is his son.  


Why I like this fic:  This is a waaay A/U fic that I really enjoy. It picks up right where the mini begins and includes bits of canon, but with the major exception that Lee is Captain Lee Berner, not Lee Adama. No one knows that he is Bill Adama's son - well, Commander Adama and Lee both know, but for different reasons and neither one of them knows the other knows too. Kara doesn't know either. Bill never wanted Lee, he knocked up his mother on a one night stand and urged her not to keep the baby. Good thing she did!  

It's a great story with good character development. The anger that Lee has for his father is still there, but comes from a very different place now. Some of the key actions in canon are reversed (like Lee is stranded on the moon and uses the raider to escape, not Kara) for dramatic effect. The author also does a great job of exploring the L/K dynamic, especially since only Lee knew that Zak was his half-brother. When Kara and Laura both figure out what the real story is and start taking matters into their own hands to bring father and son together, things go from bad to worse. All in all, it's a great read and has an original take on the Lee/Bill relationship that I find very refreshing.
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