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So if you haven't noticed, there's not a lot here at this journal. I'm active in three fandoms - Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, and Star Trek - but I'm much more of a reader than a writer. I've only written two short fics (BSG) but am an avid commenter on other people's work. If you write it, I'll read it, and I'll be sure to leave a comment!

If you're poking around wondering who isla_verdad is, you can check out my LJ at (most of my favorite BSG fics are in the memories there).

Oh, and I suck at html tags and couldn't get the link to post properly, so there's that too. Dammit Jim, I'm not a computer programmer either.
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Finally took the plunge, got a code, and with this post am debuting on Dreamwidth. So far so good, although some things aren't as clear as I'd like them to be. But once I figured out how to upload a header photo, it does seem easier than dealing with CSS in the back end of LJ. Anyway, all this is just to get a post up there and see what it looks like. And to say hey to everyone else who's been on Dreamwidth forever already. :::waves:::
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Just managed to update my journal with a custom style courtesy of [ profile] scholarslayouts, isn't it pretty? I'm still trying to figure out how to add exciting text to the sidebar, but this is a huge improvement over the stock lj layouts. And since I plan to be on lj more often in the coming months (hear that, No Takebacks gals?), having a prettier journal will be a good motivation to leave RL behind and log in. Hooray! 
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Hello dear flist! It's been a really hard last few months -- pneumonia, hospital, over 2 months of recovery -- but the good news is that I'm back in the land of the living, and more importantly, back on LJ!

About the new LJ name -- it was time for a fresh start.  Pilots will always be my OTP but it was time for something a little less show-specific to stand the test of time.  It's still me and my whopping two BSG stories are still up, so it's all good.

But what I really want to know is, what have I missed in the last few months?  I haven't logged on in ages and don't know where to begin.  How's the No Takebacks rewatch going?  Any new Academy pilots, Cave pilots, or Road-tripping pre-pilots fic out there?  Somebody give me the cliff notes highlights, please!  

Anyway, I've missed you all and missed fandom.  It's good to be back.
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Title: Public Property
Pairing: Lee/Kara
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,964
Written for bsg_pornbattle: Prompts: fantasy, telling the truth
This is a future continuity of [info]taragel's “Just Sex” Academy!pilots series, most specifically Bound & Determined and Letting Go. There are few other callbacks for fun.
Summary: “You and I both know that underneath that Colonial fleet poster boy exterior, you are a one kinky bastard, Lee Adama. Whatever your fantasy is has got to be a lot naughtier than anything you were willing to let on in public.”
A/N: Written for t[info]taragel's birthday, but also dedicated to [info]pali167[info]cosetteferaud, and all the other recent and upcoming Shipper Nation birthday gals. Special thanks to [info]workerbee73 for her awesome beta and touches of glitter. 
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Title: Eyes Wide Shut
Pairing: Kara/Lee
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 990
Setting: Late Season 1/Early Season 2
Summary: Lee is having a restless night.
A/N: Written for the BSG Porn Battle (prompts restless night, interrupted) and unbetaed. All mistakes are mine and I don’t own BSG, although I wish I did.
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(this links to the Epilogue but all chapters are linked from here)
Ok, if you haven't read this yet, what are you waiting for?  It's a fabulous finale fix-it fic that goes blissfully AU during the mutiny in Blood on the Scales.  It has something for everyone: Stubborn colonial buttons, Tigh-Adama bromance, L/K bathtub kink, plot twists and heartache, The Red Tie of Hotness, Democracy!Lee, everyone and their third cousin interrupting L/K while they are trying to get it on, Kara "What am I?" angst, Kobol, Starbuck and Apollo flying together again, cliffhangers galore, an actual Opera House that delivers on all the hype, Snarky Cavil, PDAs of epic proportions, and a happy frakking ending.  And a LOT of smut, in case that wasn't clear from the title.  It rocks.
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OK, so it's taken me months to get out of my post-finale funk, what else is new? All I can say is thanks to all the great writers out there who have stepped up to the plate to fix the damage that RDM and friends inflicted upon us.  I've immersed myself in what I've been calling "anti-finale fics" and it really has helped.  Along with re-reading a bunch of pilot banter fics, but that's another post.  

Here are two lovely finale fics - an original and a remix - that made me cry but gave me the resolution I so badly craved.  And they're beautifully written.  Go read them.

Song of the Open Road by elly427
This is one of the most moving and powerful fics I've ever read and it literally made my heart hurt.  It picks up immediately after the finale and follows canon, so don't expect any happy endings here.  I am all about Lee and his POV and this is a carefully crafted, intimate look at his life on NewEarth.  Add in one of my favorite poems by Walt Whitman (and a nod to my not-so-secret Lee wanking kink, how she made THAT poignant is truly an art form) and it is one post-finale fic you simply must read.

The Reality and Immortality of Things by wisteria_
Wisteria_ takes the basic premise of Song of the Open Road and masterfully remixes it to be AU after Papadama's raptor takes off - and gives us Kara to keep Lee company this time. It's a quiet and compelling look at their lives on NewEarth, exploring the new terrain and their new relationship. It's written from Kara's POV and has lovely insight into her head - I love her realizations about Lee and herself in chapter 2. But ahhhhh...the ending.  Pure heartbreak.  You've been warned.

There are two other fabulous post-finale fics that are WIPs but almost...almost...finished (you know who you are, ladies) so I'll pimp those just as soon as they're done.
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I can't help it, I'm addicted to Latteaddict.  I love a good story interspersed with a ton of L/K angst and passion, and she writes it so crazily well, time after time. It's amazing how prolific she is, but every story is unique and fresh and a great read from start to finish. Short of recommending every fic she's ever written, here are three that hit the top of the awesome-o-meter.


Guilty Hearts (or click here for lj)

Author: latteaddict

Author's Summary: This story is about the repercussions of a one night stand between Lee and Kara. Guilt and desire consume them as they meet again years later, though this time Zak is in the picture.

Why I like this fic: I'm a sucker for pre-mini fics where there is more to the L/K backstory than meets the eye...especially if it includes a pre-Zak fling. Latte sets up a very plausible scenario with a great hot!pre-pilot one-night stand followed by the requisite amount of UST and tons of angst. The story gives us an interesting insight into the days leading up to Zak's death, and is a fabulous short read.


Very Close to Far Away (or click here for lj)

Author: latteaddict

Author's Summary: The past can be a curse or a blessing; it just depends on how you look at it.


Why I like this fic: Sigh. Secret married pilot!fic with a twist, what's not to like? The premise is unique and latte gets extra bonus points for well-meaning interference by A/R and for rubbing Dee and Sam's noses in evolving pilot love!


Nothing is Perfect (or click here for lj)

Author: latteaddict

Author's Summary: Kara wished he would lie, but then he wouldn’t be Lee.

Why I like this fic: On the other end of the spectrum from Guilty Hearts, this is a post-Earth arrival fic that chronicles the (mis)adventures of our favorite pilots as they come to terms with life after Galactica. As you might suspect, it's not all Bright Shiny Futures, since Kara and Lee take turns disappearing on each other and breaking each other's hearts...what else is new with our dynamic duo? But for those who wait, the story does have all kinds of hot, and who knows...maybe our pilots get their happy ending after all?!

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping
[ profile] widget 
Summary:  Lee wagers a favor in Triad when he runs out of cubits, and Kara collects in a very interesting way.  

Why I like this fic: OMG.  Kara may be a pervert, but this fic made me realize that I am too.  It started my obsession with finding fics where Lee is, um, "pleasuring himself", with or without an audience (preferably with).  It's hotter than dirt but Lee and Kara are perfectly in character throughout.  Widget writes smut unbelievably well, and I'm a sucker for Lee's POV in NC-17 scenes.  When he licks his palm...squeee!  This one delivers on all counts.  

The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Author: Creative Jedi

Author's Summary:  Kara sustains severe burns on her hands after a Raptor crash, placing her in complete dependence on the one person in front of whom she's always tried to be strong.

Why I like this fic: This is an 11-chapter fic that fills in the missing story line of Kara's rehabilitation from the Raptor crash on the algae planet in "Rapture".  It's a great character study of Kara, who struggles to maintain her Starbuck persona while she is totally helpless and dependent on Lee for the most basic of needs.  She can't stand being out of control or accepting help but she has no choice, which leads to some interesting internal struggles.  Even with this deep story line, there's humor and most importantly, pilot!sex!  An added bonus is a scene with Lee getting himself off in the bunk with Kara, a favored theme (see above).  But you have to wait until Chapter 10 for it..
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Author: hackaddict
Author's summary:  He had no idea how he ended up locked in an equipment closet stark naked with a still-clothed Kara, but Lee had a hunch that she was at least partially behind it.

Why I like this fic: of many wonderful PWP ficklets from hackaddict, what's not to love?  Kara mouths off about the CAG's supposed sexual prowess at a triad game, and then suddenly she and Lee are trapped together in an equipment closet by someone(s?) hoping the pair will provide tangible proof.  Of course they do, but with hackaddict's wonderful writing, humor, and character style.  
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The Stars in Your Hand
Author's Summary: Starbuck and Apollo thought their destinies weren't meant to be joined together but sometimes fate decides to step in and spin things out of control ...

Why I like this fic: It begins with Kara pregnant and then giving birth to a daughter, Clea.  Everyone thinks it's Sam's child until a routine blood test reveals that Clea has a rare blood condition passed on genetically, and the only one on board with the same condition is of course...Lee.  It would have been enough to simply follow that story to its logical conclusion, but the author also weaves in another whole plot dynamic in the search for Earth, which connects to Kara's "destiny" and that of her daughter.  Add in another story line with the gods watching humanity's progression towards Earth, and you end up with a very compelling read.  I was very invested in the plot but loved the attention to the L/K ship, and it was nice to see A/R and even Sam get a little action too.  A great longer fic.
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Author's Summary: In a different past, there was no Zak to bring Apollo and Starbuck together, so when pure chance affects their meeting, what kind of future do they make? And what rules get broken?

Why I like this fic:  In a world where Kara wasn't Zak's flight instructor, Kara and Lee meet in a bar on Picon when both are on leave and looking for a little escapism from the military.  They have an amazing one-night stand which ends up meaning more to both of them than they had originally expected.  Things turn a bit awkward when they realize they are both Colonial Fleet and have to return to their regularly scheduled lives.  The author does a lovely job of building a very believable L/K relationship in a very different context that ends with them meeting again on the deck of the Galactica after the destruction of the worlds.  I really enjoy the fact that all but the last chapter are pre-mini, which gives the author a lot of room to explore. It's very well written and has something for everyone, whether you like plot, character development, a little bit of L/K angst, and of course, smut! 
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By Apollo’s Lady
Summary:  Bill Adama never married Lee's mother, so Lee has a different last name (Berner) and neither of them knows the other one knows Lee is his son.  


Why I like this fic:  This is a waaay A/U fic that I really enjoy. It picks up right where the mini begins and includes bits of canon, but with the major exception that Lee is Captain Lee Berner, not Lee Adama. No one knows that he is Bill Adama's son - well, Commander Adama and Lee both know, but for different reasons and neither one of them knows the other knows too. Kara doesn't know either. Bill never wanted Lee, he knocked up his mother on a one night stand and urged her not to keep the baby. Good thing she did!  

It's a great story with good character development. The anger that Lee has for his father is still there, but comes from a very different place now. Some of the key actions in canon are reversed (like Lee is stranded on the moon and uses the raider to escape, not Kara) for dramatic effect. The author also does a great job of exploring the L/K dynamic, especially since only Lee knew that Zak was his half-brother. When Kara and Laura both figure out what the real story is and start taking matters into their own hands to bring father and son together, things go from bad to worse. All in all, it's a great read and has an original take on the Lee/Bill relationship that I find very refreshing.